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                WE COME FROM THE EARTH,
                WE RETURN TO THE EARTH,
                AND IN BETWEEN WE GARDEN `
                                             Author unknown
The Chateauguay Valley is a mainly agricultural and touristic region located about an hour southwest of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, and less than an hour from the U.S. border. We are definitely a rural community and rich in history, many farms first having been cleared  and farmhouses built early in the nineteenth century, and some earlier. Today we are known for maple products, apple orchards, and fine dairy cattle, as well as corn, forage and cash crops. The land in this peaceful place is flat or gently hilly, the sedimentary soil is (at its best) a rich clay loam, although many fields are peppered and imbedded  with glacial moraine, a never-ending challenge to farmers (and gardeners!). The Chateauguay River, originating in New York state, winds gently through our farmlands and past our towns. Summers can be hot, winters can be cold and windy with our exposed flat fields. We usually get good snow cover, our hardiness zone is 4b(-29C).
This is where we garden, this is home!
The Chateauguay Valley Garden Club celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2011! Currently we have a membership exceeding 100 gardeners from southwest Quebec, covering communities from Hemmingford, along the American border to Dundee, Huntingdon, St-Anicet, and back along the riverside towns and farmlands to Chateauguay, Quebec. Although our geographical area is large, we remain a country garden club, with an emphasis on learning, sharing and having fun.
Gardening is a passion with us and we would like to share it with you. Browse through our pages, we hope to inspire you as you work and play in your own personal plant space. Join us in the search for the “perfect garden”, remembering that what is important is not the destination, but rather the journey along the way!
You may have noticed that we have a “memorial iris” in the upper left hand corner of the page. We have selected the reblooming iris “Immortality” to be the logo of the CVGC as a salute to the late Sheryl Morningstar Murphy, in recognition of her vision and tenacity in founding the club. Irises were Sheryl’s favorite flowers.
          Come and garden with us

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  Policy Statement
Chateauguay Valley Garden Club (CVGC)
Website policy on use for commercial purposes:

Our website is an .org which entails a non-profit identity.
As a non-profit organization we do not advertise sales or display website promos for commercial ventures, be they businesses, groups or individuals.

Also, as to use of the Buddy List for such purposes we are of the opinion that this list is sacrosanct and not to be used for disseminating advertising. We use this list as a communication tool for CVGC information only.

Accepted by the membership, October 29, 2008



Sad tidings
We are sad to announce the loss of one of our long time members, Bill Taylor has passed, our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Website Closing Down
Have you heard? I am retiring from the Planning Committee and closing down the website. I will keep it open for a while longer so if you want to copy the links or any of the other information now is the time. The calendar will no longer be kept up to date. Your club information will now be coming to you via email so if you haven't renewed your membership your name will not be on the '16 contact list and you will not be contacted.